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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Its a Goal !!!

We all have goals in our life. Look back and see -we achieved some, exceeded some, did not achieve some & forgot some. Nevertheless we continue to make new goals. Thats a great habit. I feel that a life without a goal is like a river without its banks. All over the place.

I have a simple formula to help me achieve my goals. Hope its useful for you.

1) Define the goal clearly

Articulate it well.Quantity if necessary. Set a time limit. I always write them down - whether its a daily checklist of things to do, or annual goals for the roles I do. I have recently started writing down life goals too- about health, personal milestones. Ask yourself, is your goal ambitious, a slight stretch? If not, Why not?

2) Never lose sight of the goals

Sometimes, we make the goals and they stay on our computers or notebooks. I prefer displaying them in a place where I can see them EVERYDAY. A reminder of the journey to be traveled.

3) Make them into achievable tasks

Any goal may feel overwhleming at first. Dont be discouraged. Break it into manageable tasks, into smaller goals. If your goal is to lose 10 kgs in 6 months, track yourself on losing 2.5 kgs every month. That way you will exceed your goal too !

4) Track your progress

Don't forget to track your progress. Thats the most important. If you are on track, its great. If not, buck up. Make some changes to your approach. You can do it.

5) Celebrate small milestones

Don't forget small successes waiting for the big result. Pat yourself on the back for every small victory. The big win will be much easier this way.

What is your formula to achieve your goals? Share it in the comments. Lets learn from each other.
I wish you all success in your life !

Monday, September 23, 2013

Save him, Could you?

The news continues pouring in about the various acts of terror around the world. I often think, what does the family of the terrorist feel ? What emotions do they go through? Maybe they are desensitised to it themselves. But what about the mother? Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji once said, the mother knows everything. What must be her state of mind when she comes to know her son is spreading terror ? Does she think, she could have brought him up differently? What other questions, thoughts,feelings race through her mind? These few lines are my humble submission to the mother. Also a plea to all mothers of the world.

Save him, Could you?

When he was growing in the warmth of your womb
Did you caress your belly to rock him to sleep?
Did you whisper the secrets of life?
Feeling his every heartbeat deep? 

Was calling you mother the first word he spoke? 
As a toddler, did he walk his first step to you?
Cooking him his favourite meal
Did you scold him when he didn't listen to you? 

How was it when he was growing up? 
Like your other children, was he too? 
Did you notice when he started straying?
Did he ever lie to you? 

Who were his friends, who were his buddies?
Did you know what he was up to?
Did you sense what was going through his mind? 

The look in his eyes, what did it tell you?

Do you know he attacked and killed?
Orphaned children and widowed wives 
His goal only seemed to be
Spreading fright and destroying lives

He's gone and is no more for you
Your heart must be crying in sorrow too 

Thinking about him day and night
Done something to save him, could you ? 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Life is Precious

Watching and reading reports of the horrific terror attack in Nairobi, brought back a flood of memories from 26/11.
To be living life normally , going through its motions and to be faced by such an unexpected tragedy can never be explained in words.
Those who experience it, either never live to tell it or live forever with its mark on their mind.

Unfortunately these attacks of terror have invaded our lives more and more around the world.
A ton of questions rush through the mind
Why is this happening ? Why so much intolerance ? What is the ultimate gain to anyone?
Why this hatred? What kind of people are these , who can do such barbaric attacks?
What can we do to stop this, change this? What will happen to the world if this continues?
What about the security of my life, my family? Where will the next attack happen?

This list can go on. Do you feel overwhelmed while reading this? Overpowered ? Helpless? Frustrated? Angry? Sad?
If the answer to any of this is a yes, its high time each of us do something. Now. It need not be monumental. Its the small everyday acts that matter.
Its the thoughts we have that make the difference. Our mind can make our world. Good or Bad.

I made a small list to make my mind and my world good ,and take the liberty to share it with you.

1) Recognise That Life IS Precious

When we have it, we take it for granted. Remember, one day we all won't have it. Life is short. It is precious.
While we are here, lets spend it in doing good, spreading love and caring for each other.

Anger, hatred is the easier option. Quicker way out. Set an example- Make love your first choice- only choice

2) Respect Diversity

Every human being is unique. So everyones ideals, opinions,thoughts, preferences - everything is unique.
It has to be. When no two fingers on our own hand are alike, its impossible to expect 2 people to be alike !
Diversity is enriching. It can be uplifting. Lets be appreciative of each others culture, religion and traditions.
It can open new dimensions to our life

3) Be Calm and Spread Peace

A sick doctor cannot treat patients. First we have to be peaceful.
We are extremely fortunate to have the tools of Meditation and Sudarshan Kriya to find peace , rid ourselves of our stresses.
A calm , peaceful person will not resort to violence. Our daily practice is our responsibility to ourselves and our world.
We also have to be in a hurry to spread this knowledge around us. Every sick, stressed mind is a potential threat to the world we are in

4) Make Kindness Fashionable

These days, you are not a dude if you are not rude ! How strange the world has become. Its time to make kindness and compassion fashionable
Do random acts of kindness everyday- at least one. Create a wave of kindness . Let there be so many of us doing kind acts, that even newspapers, media
everyone is talking about acts of kindness , not acts of terrorism. Lets envelope the world with kindness

5) Be in a Hurry

When i was asked, whats the one thing that changed for me after 26/11, I realized It was - To be in a hurry to live life ! We don't have forever to make choices.
We have only now. Be in a hurry - to be good, do good and spread love. Time will fly.

As I finish penning these thoughts, I am shocked to hear about the suicide bomb attack in Pakistan. More deaths, more tears. A number for the news, but a real life extinguished
for the near and dear ones.

We have to stop this. Each of us. Person to person. Let the Governments and the global agencies do what they have to.
Lets do what we have to. Today. Now.

I shared with you my list. Add your own.
Before hate can overtake the world, let us make Love embrace it.

Life is Precious. I know. I came very close to losing it

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