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Sunday, April 15, 2012

What did you gain?

Today Kabul was attacked. As I watched the TV reports, memories of the ghastly 26/11 Mumbai attack came flooding back.
Again and again the same thought returns. What is the use of this hatred and violence ? In a short life of 60-70-80 years ( compared to the eternal universe !) , there is hardly enough time to love and serve, where then is the time for anything else? Thousands of young ,capable,brave youth of the world are getting misled on the wrong path due to lack of education and economic means. With the right guidance these could be leaders of the world. 

I wrote these few lines "What did you gain?" after 26/11 ,addressed to these youth.  The answers are not easy and quick to find, but they have to be found. Every individual who is calm and peaceful is one step closer to making the world peaceful and happy. I pray for a happy ,peaceful world.

What did you gain?
You could have been a leader
You had the faith, the passion, the purpose 
You chose the other path instead
Did you think of its outcome serious? 

You came to my country uninvited
Causing carnage and bloodshed
No one remembers you, if at all they hate you 
Glad actually that you are dead 

Those who trained you, now deny you 
Even your own country disowns you 
You were denied your very own soil
 Your family and friends had to flee too 

Every newspaper carried your battered picture
 Every survivor talks about your cruelty
You and your horrific actions
Boiling the blood of the entire humanity 

What were you promised for this ghastly act? 
Few thousand rupees, a place in heaven? 
Neither did you get one, nor the other
Of that I am very certain 

Heaven can be made on earth when you spread peace and joy 
Not found later when you inflict pain
To what cause was this life of yours
What did you gain? What did you gain?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Gift of Life

Today the earth beyond me shook hard . Mumbai was rocked by tremors. I was sitting on a big lounge chair and apart from holding on to its arms, there was little else I could do in my apartment on the 32nd floor. When the tremors subsided , it took a few minutes for the shiver in my body to settle down. A sense of relief flooded me when I saw that no damage was done, life & limb was safe around me.Today once again mother nature gave a reminder of its supreme power over us. Of the sheer unpredictability of events around us & our inability to control them .

In this context, do we really know what will happen next minute? How do we live life ?Do we live it with a sense of appreciation for what we have and what we can give back , "every moment"? Or do we live oblivious to what it might have in store for us the very next moment ? How am I spending this very moment ? Loving, Giving, Serving ,Celebrating or Grumbling,Hating,Demanding, Crying? The choice is ours to make. Now

 A few of these thoughts in this poem titled "The Gift of Life"

The Gift of Life 

Life is precious, Life is valuable 
Life is joyful, Life is blissful 
Life is worth happily living 
Let's celebrate the Gift of Life

Let us smile, let us love
Let us meditate, let us serve
Let us make it worth remembering 

Let's celebrate the Gift of Life

Let us unite against terror
Let us spread peace and harmony

 Let us live and let live
Let's celebrate the Gift of Life

Let us appreciate it
Let us cherish it
Let us be grateful, for we are alive 

Let us celebrate the Gift of Life

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Interview on Channel News Asia

Channel News Asia interviews me about Ethics in Business

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Dream

Yes I have a dream
Like I hope everyone does
Coz that's what makes life worth living 
Gives life its very purpose

Yes I have a dream
Of a One World Family
Bonds of love uniting all
Peace and harmony measuring tall

Yes I have a dream
That every life is precious
Diversity celebrated
People love each other with simplicity 
Joyfully elated

Yes I have a dream 
That trusting is OK
Happiness Natural 
Life is easy
Not so formal! 

Yes I have a dream
I can make a difference 
Carve my path, my destiny
Commit life to a higher cause
 Serve with humility

Yes I have a dream
Like I hope everyone does
Coz that's what makes life worth living 
Gives life its very purpose 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Singha" pore- The Lion roars !

Have returned to Mumbai after a whilrwind 6 day visit to Singapore. On April 2nd, a new foundation was laid for ethics in business in the Asia Pacific region. The inaugural Asia Pacific conference of The World Forum for Ethics in Business was held in Singapore on April 2nd. Leaders from politics, business,academics,media, civil society and the young leaders came together to discuss the vital need for ethical business and leadership. A stellar panel of speakers debated, discussed and dug deep in their life experiences to inspire the full house. The highlight was the key note address of H H Sri SRi Ravi Shankar, who advised the leaders that contentment was very important for business. He said lack of contentment leads to breakdown of ethics. He said it was akin to financial bulimia ! He urged the gathering to enhance their sense of connectedness to the whole world and re emphasised the vital role of human values in the world today.

The conference ended with the all attendees taking the oath of ethics (

The Singapore WFEB team put together an incredible effort to organise this conference in less than 8 weeks ! This is a great example of how a team united with a vision and a passion for it can achieve the goal against all odds of time and resources !

It was a big honor for me to make the opening presentation at the conference and a matter of pride to talk about WFEB , its objectives, achievements and plans.Enclosed is the link to this presentation

The lion has roared and charted the path to greater global good. Next WFEB conference in Netherlands in June !
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