The Gift of Life

Today the earth beyond me shook hard . Mumbai was rocked by tremors. I was sitting on a big lounge chair and apart from holding on to its arms, there was little else I could do in my apartment on the 32nd floor. When the tremors subsided , it took a few minutes for the shiver in my body to settle down. A sense of relief flooded me when I saw that no damage was done, life & limb was safe around me.Today once again mother nature gave a reminder of its supreme power over us. Of the sheer unpredictability of events around us & our inability to control them .

In this context, do we really know what will happen next minute? How do we live life ?Do we live it with a sense of appreciation for what we have and what we can give back , "every moment"? Or do we live oblivious to what it might have in store for us the very next moment ? How am I spending this very moment ? Loving, Giving, Serving ,Celebrating or Grumbling,Hating,Demanding, Crying? The choice is ours to make. Now

 A few of these thoughts in this poem titled "The Gift of Life"

The Gift of Life 

Life is precious, Life is valuable 
Life is joyful, Life is blissful 
Life is worth happily living 
Let's celebrate the Gift of Life

Let us smile, let us love
Let us meditate, let us serve
Let us make it worth remembering 

Let's celebrate the Gift of Life

Let us unite against terror
Let us spread peace and harmony

 Let us live and let live
Let's celebrate the Gift of Life

Let us appreciate it
Let us cherish it
Let us be grateful, for we are alive 

Let us celebrate the Gift of Life


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