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My team is coz of me!?

#LeadershipConversations  Recently someone commented to me - “My team is what it is because of me”!  This remark really kept ringing in my mind. Is it possible that one person  can claim full credit for the performance of a whole team ? Isn’t it too simplistic, almost narcissist assumption to make?   What about competence, need to perform/ excel, initiative & inspiration of team members ? What about the basic human nature to achieve, that drives  people out of their beds every morning to face a new day of challenges & opportunities ?  As people in leadership positions, it's imperative that we consciously & continuously look at our reality from the other side.  We may be pleasantly surprised with what we encounter!  The mirror may show a different reflection! This is a good recipe to keep us grounded & humble. I do my best to work from the premise, that people want to do good and be good. I don’t think people wake up every morning saying, “Today I

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