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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Heroes of 26/11

I penned a few lines for the courageous men who sacrificed their lives 4 years ago to save ours on 26/11... If not for them, we wouldnt be here today...

You died, so we could live to tell our story

I watched silently as your citation was read 
Your family accepting your posthumous glory 
I choked and tears streamed down my cheeks
Coz you had died, so we could live to tell our story 

We didn't meet you, neither did we know you 
Yet you are now part of our memory
You protected us till your last breath
You died, so we could live to tell our story 

Had you promised to meet your old parents over winter? 
Your wife, the beaches fresh & airy?
We are indebted for your every unfulfilled wish
Coz you died, so we could live to tell our story 

Proud parents, wives, families & friends
Swells with pride, the whole country
Your valour, your commitment set an immortal example

 Coz you died, so we could live to tell our story 

If not for you, hundreds would have met the dust 
With your sacrifice, you created history
We got back some more days ,some more years
 Coz, you died, so we could live to tell our story

Saturday, November 24, 2012

26/11 - The date that changed human fate

Tomorrow is 26/11. 4 years since the terrible attacks on Mumbai. On our nation. On the spirit of humanity. Though they shook us a little, they could not break us.My heart goes out to those who lost their loved ones. We cannot let their sacrifice go waste. I believe, that the strength of love and peace will always prevail over hatred and violence. Each of us can make it happen. We should make it happen. Celebrate the triumph of life !
I penned a few lines on this. Would love to hear your comments.

The date that changed human fate

Till nine thirty that night
26/11 was just another date 

Three days and sixty hours after 
That date changed human fate

So many sacrificed their lives
Untimely deaths with unfinished dreams 

Families and friends cope with the loss 
Recalling happy memories as tears brim 

Many others suffered serious injuries
 Broken bodies, splintered skin 
Mental trauma and anguish still stays 
Fear and agony deep within 

I came out safe like many others 
Having lived through a night of horror 
Grateful for having got a new life 
Resolving to wipe out the face of terror 

Thousands around the world sat glued to the news 
Feeling the fear, anger and pain
Getting together to spread peace thereafter
To ensure this suffering is not forgotten in vain

Humanity awakened with a new found strength 
Asking searching questions, seeking answers
 Launching mass movements to create awareness
 Shaking up the corridors of powers 

The attack was supposed to destroy human spirit 
Instead it has only strengthened its gait
26/11 is not just another date
Coz it has changed human fate

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

If only I met thee

Kasab is gone. He killed. No doubt. His execution has evoked extreme feelings from people in India.
But he was only a pawn. What about the masterminds who brainwashed them?
If only he and hundreds more like him had education, a job, right direction in life , would they have turned to terrorism? Is capital punishment the only way to punish them?
What can we do to reach them before they get caught in this horrific trap themselves?

I believe , we have a responsibility to spread human values and love in this world, sooner than intolerance and hatred can spread .It is very urgent now.

I penned a few of these thoughts in a poem titled "If only I met thee".

"If only I met thee"

You must have
been a cute baby
had a favorite toy
chased little chicken with glee

I was just like that too, Though I never met thee

You must have
had a best friend
made paper boats in the rains loved the fluffed up hot puri *

I was just like that too, Though I never met thee

You must have
loved the warm cuddles of your mother
had joyful rides on the rickety merry go round
cracked fresh winter mungphali **

I was just like that too, Though I never met thee

Then when did our lives change?
How different our paths became
I turned to spirituality to heal minds
You picked up the gun against mankind?

At our cores we were still the same
Though I never met thee

That night we came face to face
I thought it would be nice to meet thee
I ran fast, only away from you
coz you had come to kill me

Later I read that you died instead
While I live on to a greater destiny
My faith was more powerful than your weapon
When you came to kill me

You taught the world that violence never wins
No one should be where you have ever been
I am sure your heart knew you were wrong
Then why did you come to kill me?

Your hatred has made my love stronger
I will work more for peace and harmony
You would have been a different person too
If only I had met thee!

*fried wheat pancake ** groundnuts

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