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Monday, February 1, 2016

Are you a Ranjit Katiyal or George?

After recommendations from many friends and family members, I went with Ajay to watch Airlift !!

The movie should actually have been named Uplift, coz thats what it did to our spirits !!

So many such watershed incidents fade away from our memories and making movies on them is the perfect way to resurrect and revive the spirit of courage, solidarity and national pride.

The movie has a ton of learnings- for me what stuck is the contrast between Ranjit Katyal and George( The saviour version of Ranjit Katiyal) !

1) Taking responsibility, v/s complaining
2)  Collaborating v/s  dividing
3) Perseverant v/s fatalistic
4) Sacrificing personal comfort for others v/s hoarding for oneself
5) Taking risks for others v/s  abdicating at the 1st opportunity
6) Contributing mentality v/s an entitlement one
7) Gratitude v/s Demand
8) Courage v/s Fear

We all have elements of Ranjit Katiyal and George in us. Little more or less at different times. The true hallmark of great leadership is how we accentuate and live the Katyal in us more than the George in us. That will make us do extraordinary acts and live up to our true potential. Life will present challenges. The way we respond to them will determine whether we are admired and applauded like Katiyal or admonished and disliked like George! The choice is ours to make !

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