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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What did you gain?

Kasab is gone... I would have asked him ....

What did you gain?
You could have been a leader
You had the faith, the passion, the purpose 

You chose the other path instead
Did you think of its outcome serious? 

You came to my country uninvited
Causing carnage and bloodshed
No one remembers you, if at all they hate you 

Glad actually when you will be dead

Those who trained you, now deny you 
Even your own country disowns you 
You were denied your very own soil
 Your family and friends had to flee too 

Every newspaper carried your battered picture 
Every survivor talks about your cruelty
You and your horrific actions
Boiling the blood of the entire humanity 

What were you promised for this ghastly act?
Few thousand rupees, a place in heaven? 
Neither did you get one, nor the other
Of that I am very certain

Heaven can be made on earth when you spread peace and joy
 Not found later when you inflict pain
To what cause was this life of yours
What did you gain? What did you gain?
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