If only I met thee

Kasab is gone. He killed. No doubt. His execution has evoked extreme feelings from people in India.
But he was only a pawn. What about the masterminds who brainwashed them?
If only he and hundreds more like him had education, a job, right direction in life , would they have turned to terrorism? Is capital punishment the only way to punish them?
What can we do to reach them before they get caught in this horrific trap themselves?

I believe , we have a responsibility to spread human values and love in this world, sooner than intolerance and hatred can spread .It is very urgent now.

I penned a few of these thoughts in a poem titled "If only I met thee".

"If only I met thee"

You must have
been a cute baby
had a favorite toy
chased little chicken with glee

I was just like that too, Though I never met thee

You must have
had a best friend
made paper boats in the rains loved the fluffed up hot puri *

I was just like that too, Though I never met thee

You must have
loved the warm cuddles of your mother
had joyful rides on the rickety merry go round
cracked fresh winter mungphali **

I was just like that too, Though I never met thee

Then when did our lives change?
How different our paths became
I turned to spirituality to heal minds
You picked up the gun against mankind?

At our cores we were still the same
Though I never met thee

That night we came face to face
I thought it would be nice to meet thee
I ran fast, only away from you
coz you had come to kill me

Later I read that you died instead
While I live on to a greater destiny
My faith was more powerful than your weapon
When you came to kill me

You taught the world that violence never wins
No one should be where you have ever been
I am sure your heart knew you were wrong
Then why did you come to kill me?

Your hatred has made my love stronger
I will work more for peace and harmony
You would have been a different person too
If only I had met thee!

*fried wheat pancake ** groundnuts


  1. I feel so sorry for him after this..
    my feelings have changed from "disgust to Sympathy"
    I understand the Urgent Call.. If only I had met thee..it would have made all the difference.

    Thank u Rajitaji! its a wonderful read and a clearer perspective..gives me a broader vision.

  2. Its Heart Mellowing! Realised that " I have miles to go n much more to do"

  3. thats so beautifullly written. just lovely. a different perspective. so full of love and knowledge


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