26/11 - The date that changed human fate

Tomorrow is 26/11. 4 years since the terrible attacks on Mumbai. On our nation. On the spirit of humanity. Though they shook us a little, they could not break us.My heart goes out to those who lost their loved ones. We cannot let their sacrifice go waste. I believe, that the strength of love and peace will always prevail over hatred and violence. Each of us can make it happen. We should make it happen. Celebrate the triumph of life !
I penned a few lines on this. Would love to hear your comments.

The date that changed human fate

Till nine thirty that night
26/11 was just another date 

Three days and sixty hours after 
That date changed human fate

So many sacrificed their lives
Untimely deaths with unfinished dreams 

Families and friends cope with the loss 
Recalling happy memories as tears brim 

Many others suffered serious injuries
 Broken bodies, splintered skin 
Mental trauma and anguish still stays 
Fear and agony deep within 

I came out safe like many others 
Having lived through a night of horror 
Grateful for having got a new life 
Resolving to wipe out the face of terror 

Thousands around the world sat glued to the news 
Feeling the fear, anger and pain
Getting together to spread peace thereafter
To ensure this suffering is not forgotten in vain

Humanity awakened with a new found strength 
Asking searching questions, seeking answers
 Launching mass movements to create awareness
 Shaking up the corridors of powers 

The attack was supposed to destroy human spirit 
Instead it has only strengthened its gait
26/11 is not just another date
Coz it has changed human fate


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