"Singha" pore- The Lion roars !

Have returned to Mumbai after a whilrwind 6 day visit to Singapore. On April 2nd, a new foundation was laid for ethics in business in the Asia Pacific region. The inaugural Asia Pacific conference of The World Forum for Ethics in Business was held in Singapore on April 2nd. Leaders from politics, business,academics,media, civil society and the young leaders came together to discuss the vital need for ethical business and leadership. A stellar panel of speakers debated, discussed and dug deep in their life experiences to inspire the full house. The highlight was the key note address of H H Sri SRi Ravi Shankar, who advised the leaders that contentment was very important for business. He said lack of contentment leads to breakdown of ethics. He said it was akin to financial bulimia ! He urged the gathering to enhance their sense of connectedness to the whole world and re emphasised the vital role of human values in the world today.

The conference ended with the all attendees taking the oath of ethics ( www.wfeb.org/oath)

The Singapore WFEB team put together an incredible effort to organise this conference in less than 8 weeks ! This is a great example of how a team united with a vision and a passion for it can achieve the goal against all odds of time and resources !

It was a big honor for me to make the opening presentation at the conference and a matter of pride to talk about WFEB , its objectives, achievements and plans.Enclosed is the link to this presentation

The lion has roared and charted the path to greater global good. Next WFEB conference in Netherlands in June !


  1. Super and Congratulations Rajita ji Lion(ess) has indeed roared :-) JGD!


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