Its a Goal !!!

We all have goals in our life. Look back and see -we achieved some, exceeded some, did not achieve some & forgot some. Nevertheless we continue to make new goals. Thats a great habit. I feel that a life without a goal is like a river without its banks. All over the place.

I have a simple formula to help me achieve my goals. Hope its useful for you.

1) Define the goal clearly

Articulate it well.Quantity if necessary. Set a time limit. I always write them down - whether its a daily checklist of things to do, or annual goals for the roles I do. I have recently started writing down life goals too- about health, personal milestones. Ask yourself, is your goal ambitious, a slight stretch? If not, Why not?

2) Never lose sight of the goals

Sometimes, we make the goals and they stay on our computers or notebooks. I prefer displaying them in a place where I can see them EVERYDAY. A reminder of the journey to be traveled.

3) Make them into achievable tasks

Any goal may feel overwhleming at first. Dont be discouraged. Break it into manageable tasks, into smaller goals. If your goal is to lose 10 kgs in 6 months, track yourself on losing 2.5 kgs every month. That way you will exceed your goal too !

4) Track your progress

Don't forget to track your progress. Thats the most important. If you are on track, its great. If not, buck up. Make some changes to your approach. You can do it.

5) Celebrate small milestones

Don't forget small successes waiting for the big result. Pat yourself on the back for every small victory. The big win will be much easier this way.

What is your formula to achieve your goals? Share it in the comments. Lets learn from each other.
I wish you all success in your life !


  1. Rajitaji does this work for you? Can you give an example? Weight loss is an easy example. Something else, say a long term goal. And how you broke it to small tasks?

  2. Yes Sachin .It does work. I am following these steps for our Sri Sri University project. 1) Long term goal of full capacity university of 7000 students by 2018. 2) Visible reinforcement + through regular team interactions. 3) Year wise launch of different colleges .4) Weekly,monthly tracking. 5) Celebrating the launch of Faculty of Management studies, School of Yoga, Faculty of Performing Arts, Faculty of Good Governance and Public Policy !!! Each of these is a goal by itself ! Hope this helps

  3. Jgd Di, Its really great....Amazing...

  4. Dear Rajita Di, I think yes I know all this. But reading this as a first thing to kick start my day gives exact steps what I need to do to achieve my goal :-)).

    Lots of love

  5. Hi di, Jgd, i am really inspired by your statement that we should display our goals in a place where we can see them EVERYDAY. Thankyou so much for such a motivational guidance.

    Lots of lov

  6. Yes Amrita. Visual reinforcement is very valuable ! Try it and let me know how it worked for you !


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