Save him, Could you?

The news continues pouring in about the various acts of terror around the world. I often think, what does the family of the terrorist feel ? What emotions do they go through? Maybe they are desensitised to it themselves. But what about the mother? Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji once said, the mother knows everything. What must be her state of mind when she comes to know her son is spreading terror ? Does she think, she could have brought him up differently? What other questions, thoughts,feelings race through her mind? These few lines are my humble submission to the mother. Also a plea to all mothers of the world.

Save him, Could you?

When he was growing in the warmth of your womb
Did you caress your belly to rock him to sleep?
Did you whisper the secrets of life?
Feeling his every heartbeat deep? 

Was calling you mother the first word he spoke? 
As a toddler, did he walk his first step to you?
Cooking him his favourite meal
Did you scold him when he didn't listen to you? 

How was it when he was growing up? 
Like your other children, was he too? 
Did you notice when he started straying?
Did he ever lie to you? 

Who were his friends, who were his buddies?
Did you know what he was up to?
Did you sense what was going through his mind? 

The look in his eyes, what did it tell you?

Do you know he attacked and killed?
Orphaned children and widowed wives 
His goal only seemed to be
Spreading fright and destroying lives

He's gone and is no more for you
Your heart must be crying in sorrow too 

Thinking about him day and night
Done something to save him, could you ? 


  1. Wow! What rhythm in your thoughts... flow so sequential, and so deep-meaning-ed. Fantastic. Read it twice over to fully fathom it. Your own turmoil of the past must have come to the fore? A penny for getting the 'inside' gel, from the real mother of the poem's protagonist! Great effort, Rajita.

  2. Mirrors a mother's thought so well.....pulls the reader to come along. Wow.

  3. Mirrors a mother's thought so well.....pulls the reader to come along. Wow.


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