Life lessons from 26/11

26/11 taught me very important life lessons.It taught me to be grateful for life and appreciate the value of little things. Treat life itself like a gift.Sharing with you few of the lessons I have been living since

1) Life is Precious

Good or bad, happy or sad , just being alive is a blessing.  Ups and downs will come. They come in everyones life. But we are alive. Thats enough.

2) Time is short

Life is short. 70-80 years in the context of the vast eternal universe. Its a miniscule speck. Live it lightly. Treasure the now. Its the nows that make the forever of our life.

3) Treasure your loved ones

Little habits of your loved ones that irritate you- drop them. Learn to see the love they have for you. Thats what matters. Make time for them. Quality not just quantity.

4) There is a lot of love in the world

If you become open to receiving love, it can flood you from all sides. From the most unexpected people. You only have to drop your judgements and preconceived notions. People are beautiful. The world is beautiful.

5) What you gave matters

In the end, how much you gave, how much you shared matters. Not how much you collected. How much you give - love, joy, knowledge, even gifts, brings you good wishes, blessings of people. That goes with you even to the other shore.

Life is a gift . I should know. I am a living example of it !


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