Freedom is valuable- Happy Independence Day

My husband's grandparents came from Peshavar to their summer home in Shimla in June 1947 for their annual vacation. They could never go back home. In the creation of 2 countries on 14th August 1947, their family like a million others, became foreigners in their own country!
Imagine going for a holiday, and never being able to return home!
Imagine never knowing what happened to the people you left behind!
Imagine having to recreate life from a few suitcases of belongings when you had the riches of the world at your feet!

Well, many of us cannot imagine this, because we did not live through this time.
Neither can we imagine, the sacrifice of thousands of freedom fighters who gave up their life for our freedom.

Most of us reading this, have been born in a free India. I experienced the meaning and value of freedom when I was hostage in the Taj hotel on the night of the 26/11terrorist attacks. Freedom is precious.

Let us not take this freedom for granted. Let us value it, protect it and nurture it.
Use it constructively. To take the country forward.

5 things we can do for this-

1) Raise our voice against injustice

2) Speak up against corruption

3) Act to protect and uphold human dignity

4) Create awareness for the environment

5) Be proud of the unique country we truly are !

Happy Independence Day !


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