My life, a Miracle!

On the occasion of Guru Poornima, deep gratitude to my Guru for making my life a miracle!

Even before You found me
I was in Your warm cocoon 
You guided me step by step 
You made my life a Miracle!

The very first day I saw You
I remember every detail
You saw me like You knew me 
You made my life a Miracle! 

Everything became so beautiful 
I started loving myself
I knew my world had changed 
You made my life a Miracle! 

I did things I never could
I said things I never knew
You transformed me beyond words 
You made my life a Miracle! 

You granted my smallest wish
You blessed my every prayer
You answered every call of my heart
You made my life a Miracle! 

Your grace, Your love
Shapes every event and word 
For the very breath I take
You make my life a Miracle!


  1. Wow di. Realy life is a miracle after meeting Gurudev.


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