6 ways women leaders can be exceptionally successful

Women are increasingly asserting their rightful place in the world today. In politics, business, academics, science, media, religion & civil society, women have a voice of strength, of influence and of importance.

Women have some natural advantages as leaders. We are born to nurture and care. In bearing children, we set benchmarks of forbearance & ability to handle pain. In raising families, we are the perfect resolvers of conflict. In managing a household, we are  adept at building a positive profit & loss account. We are soft yet solid, amiable yet assertive, resolute yet responsive.

Our natural excellence far outweighs some of our perceived weaknesses. Then, what can we as women leaders do to find exceptional success in life? What can we do to overcome some of our self imposed restrictions? How can we play a even more influential role in the society? How can we let humanity benefit from what only we can contribute? As a woman who has had the good fortune of playing many leadership roles myself, I have learnt from my mistakes and apprehensions. This list is a glossary of things I wish I had done at different times in my life myself.

1) Have a grand vision

Think big. We know it naturally. We teach our children to do it everyday! Have a grand vision for yourself. Whether at work, in the community or at home have a goal that will be little more than easily achievable. In pursuing it, many of our boundaries will be broken, talents manifested and new horizons sought. Don’t be afraid of failure. If you fall, get up and go again. Have the conviction that you are good and can do it. Have the big intention, get the skills to implement it & execute. You will be pleasantly surprised what you achieve! 

2) Recognise your strengths

In the Indian tradition, the powerful trinity of Durga,Lakshmi & Saraswati are the incredible feminine power that led the Defence, Finance & Education ministries respectively for the Divine order. These represent the strengths of courage (Durga), wealth (Lakshmi) & knowledge (Saraswati).
We all have these aspects in us. We are bold, we have a wealth of good qualities & the knowledge of life. All we have to do is tap into this storehouse of ours and let them manifest in reality. At work it may mean speaking up without hesitation. Being bold and forthright. In the community it may reflect in preserving the wealth of friendliness and togetherness. Personally, it may mean pushing ourselves to continuously upskilling ourselves to keep up with the times. Suffice to know that we are Durga, we are Lakshmi and we are Saraswati. We only have to recognise these strengths.Then what’s to stop us ?!

3) Lead from the front

I have seen sometimes women are shy to lead from the front. Sometimes. Why? Come on ladies. Seize the opportunity. Don’t hesitate. Lead from the front. You may face resistance, challenges & obstacles. So what? We are stronger than to cow down to that. We are Durga remember? We are the light of leadership. The luminous force that can transform. Have this confidence.

4)Tap technology

Women of today are luckier than those few decades ago. Thanks to technology, our world has become a global village. Information travels in the nick of time & is available at the click of a mouse . Use this to your advantage. Save time where you can. Use gadgets to save energy. Use that time to relax, pursue a hobby, or just have fun. Use technology to your advantage, don’t be enslaved by it. Resist the urge to keep checking your phone or email. The world will survive!

5) Leverage the network

We can be a formidable network of support for each other. We only have to reach out to each other. Be in touch. Support each other. Then who is to stop us? We can be invincible. A force to reckon with. A strong influence to create a better, nicer society. Today there are some really inspirational womens networks around the world. Participate in them. Make your voice heard. Inspire others and be inspired by their stories.

6) Be Harmonious

When we are in harmony, life becomes a song. Isn’t it? When we are at peace with ourselves, calm and stress free, even the most difficult challenges feel like a breeze. When we are agitated, even the simplest situation feels overwhelming. Our internal harmony is key in determining the quality of our life. When we practice breathing techniques like Sudarshan Kriya, when we meditate, base our life on the strong foundation of knowledge & service, our life becomes a joy. We become a true asset to society. The beauty of our life shines through!

Without us women, the world is only half as beautiful. With us, it become twice as much.

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