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Thursday, May 8, 2014

10 Leadership lessons from Narendra Modiji's interview with Arnab on Times Now

The country watched with rapt attention the just telecast interview of Narendra Modiji on Times Now.
Social media, BBM /Whatsapp etc  are all abuzz with views, comments and perceptions about this interview. Personally,I really enjoyed it. Mainly for the leadership lessons I got out of it.  Modiji gave a top class, super distilled leadership session for us absolutely free. Thanks Modiji. Here is the list of lessons I got. Please add yours.

1) Be optimistic & confident

2) Work very hard

3) Institutionalise an idea

4) Empower the team

5) Have clarity, be sure about facts

6) Give the entire credit to the team

7) Be tough and courageous

8) Dont hesitate to apologise

9) An objection can become an opportunity for growth

10) Voice, Body Language, Smile counts!


  1. He is emerging as a game changer....with a paradigm change!!

  2. Great leader we have. He shoild be our next PM.

  3. Its about hard work and dedication.den other comes...

  4. Superb interpretation ..Truly lot to learn from Modi ji.... Wish to see him taking oath of PM..

  5. Distilled wisdom. Great insights.

  6. Hats of to you.......You really Picked 10 Points Well which Differentiate A Visionary Leader Form Ordinary Pack of humbugs.

  7. Important traits of leadership!

  8. Nice. I don't know too much about him. But is it all just talk? has he provided specifics on his party's agenda.

  9. swami vaishampayanMay 8, 2014 at 10:57 PM

    nice observation ......very well said Rajita Di

  10. One More: - Nothing is permanent, resources which are useless today can be fruitful one day...

  11. Good job. Please consider the feedback and update your writeup.

  12. Great article. Lots to learn from Mr. Modi.

  13. When no one was willing to invest a rupee in Gujarat, he decided to tackle it head on and brought on a complete turn around! A very important lesson - how to rise up from a complete zero, in the face of the toughest opposition and be successful.
    It was truly a brilliant session.

  14. Another lesson - even if the person in front of you is bombarding you with accusations - stay centered and objective and acknowledge his achievements "I congratulate Times Now for showing my uncensored interviewed to DD"


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