Narendra Modi - a spoonful of sugar...

India- the biggest democracy of the world, representing a sixth of the world's population went to polls last month. The world watched & followed every piece of news about it! Just the whole process of elections has been a miracle in itself. Hundreds of thousands of workers, volunteers, media hours,kilmometers traveled,buses/cars used,rallies addressed & attended. With the rising summer heat, arguments,tempers, promises,allegations- everything heated up! In my entire adult life, the last one month has been the most politically charged up!

Now,over a billion Indians are waiting with excited anticipation for May 16th. An entire nation is collectively looking forward to a new beginning with renewed hope. Though the result is a forgone conclusion, as it appears from all the exit polls, the country will be glued to its TV sets & computers to follow the results as they unravel constituency by constituency.

I will miss the excitement as I will be on a flight to US. I feel really bad about it. Hopefully the wi fi on the flight should help to get news online.

But as the dust settles down, excitement ebbs, cabinet is formed & hard work of running the country begins- that's when the rubber will hit the road.

In his interview to Arnab,Narendra Modiji said that running a Government & running a nation are two completely different things! That is precisely why I am looking forward to him running my nation- just like the majority of the people in the country are.

Here are my 10 reasons why...

1) Development, Development,Development

2) Growth & Governance not just Government

3) Corruption & corrupt - both out of the window

4) National security & tough stand on terrorism

5) Focus on Education & Employability

6) Revival of India Shining

7) Rational, practical. sensible policies

8) Control Inflation

9) A Prime Minister who has pride in his country!

10) A Prime Minister who will have his own voice & make it heard to the world!

Just like Mary Poppins got a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down, I am confident the Gujarati touch of sugar in all its food, will make it easier for India to swallow its bitter pill of the past & forge ahead with strength, spirit & smiles!


  1. I like 10 points you discussed. NaMo spoke on issues and that made him different from the rest of the leaders. Indian Democracy is maturing. In fact a true republic where the each individual is a sovereign is the need of the time. India is heading for a new concept of politics for good, where 51% majority can no longer dictate on 49% minority. Each voice must be heard. And each individual has started realizing its contribution and responsibility towards good governance.

  2. Didi, you missed one crucial point. The new government should work on the principle of inclusion, colloboration, and above all enshrine ethics. Every citizen be it the majority or minority should feel safe and heard!


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