Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day. Actually everyday is and should be mother's day.Nevertheless, in the spirit of the celebration today, I wanted to offer my tribute and pay my respects to the Mothers of the world.

A mother means unconditional love. A mother means unconditional sacrifice. A mother means always, almost always keeping others interests ahead of hers. A mother means a friend. A mother means the 2 am, 8 am, 9 pm go to person. A mother means someone, who no matter what and how you behave with her, will continue to treat you like nothing happened. A mother means someone you take for granted and throw tantrums at. Having a mother- the biggest blessing of life.

Today is the day to celebrate all the mums of the world. I feel, being a mother, is one of the toughest job going around in the world ! You have to be sure that every word you say, every action you take & everything you do is right for your child. Every decision you make is a hanging sword - is this the right thing I am doing? A friend of mine once said, from the day you become a mom, a tiny ounce of fear for your child's well being is forever with you! Discipline or love, indulgence or rules, ask or tell & thousands of such paradoxes are a daily battle for every mom as she brings up her child.

Yet, each of us, when we look back can only say our moms were the best moms. As you grow older, everything your mom did, only seems like a miracle. Often we discuss- I wonder how my mom brought me up, isnt it!

My special gratitude to 5 such miracle moms

Mummy- my mother ( for just being the superwoman tha she is!)

Ma - my mother in law( for being the rock of gibraltar of our family)

Paati- Gurudev's H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's mother ( for her infinite benevolence in blessing the universe with our Master)

Didi - Bhanudidi ( for being a mother friend to hundreds of us around the globe)

Maushis/Atyas - all my aunts who have showered me with as much love always

I can only admire all of them. Even when I see the children of all my friends, my nephews and nieces, I cant but be in awe of how fabulous moms my friends and sisters are! Caring, nurturing, carefully moulding, laughing,crying, joyfully rejoicing, priding,lauding, contentedly smiling- moms do it all !

It is said, "A child gives birth to a mother". On this Mother's day, it is worth reflecting on how much of the above we have all done ! Biologically,many of us may not be moms. But spiritually, everyone we have touched with our love and care is our child. With this broad vision of our life, we can make the whole world our family! A one world family - Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. This is my experience!

Happy Mother's Day !


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