Acche NaMo, Acche din, Sabse Accha Bharat !

I am at London airport in transit... everyone, means everyone is talking about the India election results !

I cant contain my excitement myself ! It feels like a historic day. A day when people of the biggest democracy of the world got the sweet fruit of making their voice heard !

This is the power of conviction. The power of effort. The power of change. The power of seeing dreams. The power of the common man.You and Me !

Narendra Modiji , Hearty Hearty Congratulations on this sweeping victory. Every rally of yours, every interview of yours, every interaction of yours was a lesson for us !

A lesson on-

1) Having a big vision

2) Working very hard to fulfill it

3) Having the confidence of victory

4) Communicating clearly and sincerely

5) Taking everyone along

6) Towering over challenges

7) Smiling through it all !!!

I am convinced that you will bring back Ache din to my beautiful country.
Make it Sabse Accha Bharat- Hindustan!


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