7 Ways to Find True Happiness In Life

Each of  us has our own unique way to find happiness in life.
We know the value of this happiness. We have experienced it and shared it too.
We have also experienced how it feels to be unhappy.
When I was reflecting on what has propelled me to be happy , I was humbled to realize how simple it was.
I couldn’t resist sharing my list with you.
Hope it gives you some happiness to read it and apply in your life as you feel.

1) Purpose
A life without a purpose is like a river without a bank- all over the place . Don’t you think its very important to have a “purpose” to our life ?
One over riding big goal if you will. The northern star of our life.That which will dwarf all other interim needs,achievements,milestones. That which will also help us overcome short term challenges and set backs.  A purpose that will keep our life on a well directed path. A purpose which will become our memory when we are gone.
I remember the day I had this flash realization that the true purpose of my life was to be available to my Master, was one of the happiest of my life. Everything else seemed like a vehicle to get there.
And we don’t really cry over a flat tyre, do we? We simply fix it and move on. I believe its like this in life- The purpose becomes our ultimate destination and everything happening a vehicle on the journey.

2) Passion
Having a Purpose is futile without the Passion to pursue it. Challenges will come. Setbacks will happen. There will be ups and downs. Don’t lose your Passion.
You must have experienced it already. If you have done something 100 % , with all your passion and commitment, even if you don’t get the result you expected, you are happy.
Coz you know you gave it all you had. Passion gives energy. It creates enthusiasm. It inspires. It shines through your whole being . Brings a glow of joy to your face!
We can either live life with a insipid lukewarm approach to everything , or live it with a passion and zeal. Which one do you prefer?

3) Perseverance
How do you feel when you give up on something? Not so good right? And how do feel when you persevere and pursue what you have at hand? Very good isn’t it?
So its really as simple as that. Persevere. Don’t give up. Whether it is on goals, people, relationships, situations. Anything at all. Doesn’t matter what is the result.
At least you will have the satisfaction that you gave it your best.

4) Patience
Many times our unhappiness has to do with the hurry we are in to get something, achieve something, fix something. Why is this  not happening yet? I waited so long .. etc
Have patience. Gurudev, His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji has said so beautifully – when you expect the fruit of your actions, know that if you don’t get it now, you will get it next lifetime.
When you are patient, it immediately puts the mind at rest . Makes it calm and peaceful. When you are in such a space, anyway things start working for us !
As one saint said – Don’t be in Hurry, be in Hari !

5) Pride
Have Pride in your life. In yourself. Your own talents and qualities. In your family and friends. In what you do and don’t . I have seen often that we may be unhappy not because what we have is
anything less, but because we compare to others and may feel small. I firmly believe that each of us is very valuable to this universe ! That is why we are born ! Live with this pride- you will be happy and peaceful and such an asset to society.

6) Purity
Stay Pure. In your heart, intentions,speech and action. Doesn’t matter what others are doing or saying. You stay pure. In the long run, you will be so glad you did. When you meditate, do Sudarshan Kriya, it eliminates stress, makes you peaceful. Then you can’t but think good,do good. Purity in mind,body and soul is the sign of an evolved being.

7) Present
Last but not the least. Live in the Present. The past has gone and the future not yet there. We worry about  ”forever” and forget to live in the “now”, Forever is made up of nows !
If we meditate , serve in the now, forever will take care of itself !
I have found that my spiritual practices,  having an attitude of service ,seeking the company of good people, has enabled me to have a purpose to my life, live it with passion, have the perseverance of effort and patience for result. I am proud of my life , grateful for its purity , what I am and what I have, now in the present.

Wish you all the happiness in your life !

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  1. Beautiful Happiness tips for a prosperous life.

  2. Yes !! Absolutely correct Rajita . JGD


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