Only you! Only you!

Only you! Only you!

Sound of joyous laughter,
Sight of ethereal beauty,
Fragrance of deep devotion,
Touch of unconditional love,
  Taste of timeless wisdom,
Only you, only you!

Fire of passion for service,
Space of infinite possibilities,
Water like gentle care & kindness,
Air filled with divine chants,
Earth like resolute commitment for good,
Only you, only you!  

Mind happy, innocent & peaceful,
Intellect sharp and creative,
Memory for everyone’s needs,
Ego that includes the whole universe,
Soul eternal and immortal,
Only you, only you!

Mother, sister, friend, teacher, 
A relationship perfect with everyone,
Life an epitome of Harmony,
The perfect one, the perfect one,
Only you, only you !!

We love you, We love you! !!
Happy Birthday Bhanudidi !!

Rajita & Ajay Bagga



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