How to make 2014 the best year of your life !

1) Thank more ,complain less 

The more grateful we are, the more we get in life. In 2014, thank more for what you have, be more grateful. There are always reasons to complain, instead find reasons to be grateful and thankful. Life will be flooded with abundance!

2) Listen more,talk less

Everyone wants to talk, all the time. Talking too much is the biggest problem in the world today - in relationships, at the workplace, at home etc. In 2014 listen more- to others, to the sounds of nature, to your own heart. New realities may be revealed.

3) More happy, less sad

Being happy is a habit. Make it yours in 2014. Decide to be happy no matter what. Life is short. We do not have enough time to be happy, let alone to be sad.

4) More contented,less greedy

There is no limit to how much we can have. Name , fame, money , power - the needs are endless. Let 2014 make you more contended and less greedy. Contentment is the stepping stone for peace and joy. Dont compare yourself to others and keep wanting more. It is said that no one gets more than what one is destined and before one is destined. What is yours will come to you. Relax.

5) Give more ,take less

We spend a lifetime accumulating for ourselves. For what? Are we going to take this along when we die? From 2014 start giving more and taking less. Giving more of yourself, your talents, your kindness, your love, your time for the world. The universe will infuse your life with joy and bliss. You will be a true asset to society !

6) More compassion, less judgment

How much we judge people, isn't it? Attach labels, declare right & wrong, accord good & bad titles.  Why? Are we perfect? In our judgements, we harden our own heart. Every person in this world is living his own challenges, carrying his own baggage. What people around us need is more of our compassion, less of our judgement. It will soften our own life.

7) Smile more, sob less

It is a well known fact that it takes far less muscles of the face to smile than to frown. Apart from pure economic sense, it is just such a good idea to smile more ! What do you feel? Smile more in 2014.  Smile at people who least expect it from you ! You will unleash a wave of smiles in the world !

8) Work more, Laze less

Time is precious. Life is short. Get busy. Do more. Hard work never killed anybody. Time will pass anyways. How you use it depends on you ! Plan and do some big things for the world. It will make your life fruitful.

9)More humanity, less technology

Technology has made the world a global village, but we sometimes don't know our own neighbours! Technology is great, it is essential.Let it not replace the human being in you. In 2014 , reach out personally- call a friend , meet an elderly relative, speak from the heart to someone you have a conflict with. You will be pleasantly surprised with how great you feel ! 

10) Value more, criticize less

Often we get into the trap of criticizing everything around us- the government , the traffic, the boss, the spouse, the pollution etc etc. Without realizing it may become our nature. In 2014, make an effort to see the good value in everything. Value life and all that it gives you. Valuing everything is a divine quality indeed.

Above all, let 2014 be the year -

-You soak yourself in Sadhana ( practices & wisdom) ,Seva ( service) & Satsang  (company of the truth),

-The grace of the Satguru (Divine) makes you the perfect instrument for the good of humanity, 

-The spirit of love, joy, peace and celebration inspires your every action !

Wish you a very Happy 2014 !


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