5 years to 26/11

5 years since 26/11.. since a new life
A bow of Gratitude  dedicated to Gurudev for His grace, compassion and love !

You gave me life – 

Every time you looked at me
Every time you blessed me
Every moment I thought of you
You gave me life

Everytime you believed in me
Everytime you trusted me
With every loving gesture of yours
You gave me life

You nurtured my being
You freed my soul
You gave purpose to my birth
You gave me life

The instances have been many
When I faltered & you lifted me
Your attention made me special
You gave me life

You know me more than i do myself
You make the world notice me
Without you, I am nothing,coz
You gave me life

Then the actual moment
When you stood between death and me
With all your compassion and love
You gave me a new life

I don’t know why
I don’t know how
For a bigger meaning & a higher goal ?
You have given me a grand new life


  1. Wow......
    Amazing...... Gratitude Beyond Words.....
    Jai Gurudev di......

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  3. Do you know that so many of us live those moments along with you when you shared them upon your return from that miraculous escape? Those were the days of email forwards ... so I got this forward from my elder sister when I was at work, in the office. Till the time I reached the portion where Guruji uttered those words, "main hu na!" to you; I found tears rolling down my cheeks ... this story of yours has remained with me ever since! Sometimes, I feel like searching that mail & reading it all over again! The story actually 'happened' to me, coz that day deep down I realised - we all are one/connected even without knowing each other.
    This beautiful poem ... I'm at loss of words to describe how beautifully it's written by you!
    I see you as the perfect instrument of the Divine, living, experiencing & sharing the knowledge so that thousands of us get inspired to be HIS instruments in whichever little way that we can! Lots of love, Jai Guru Dev!

  4. Too nice, absolute expressions.
    We also dip into depth of gratitude.


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