5 years to 26/11- Bhanudidi

That night Bhanudidi was our life saviour ! She must have called us from Bali at least 50 times !
Gentle at times, strong at times, hopeful at times and totally Divine at all times- she was our link to the conviction of life. Nothing we can say or do can ever express our full gratitude to her. Here is a weak attempt

Forever in Gratitude to you
I missed you so much that day
My heart yearned to meet you
So I wrote you about this and that 

Coz the seas separated me from you 

That night I called you finally
For a reason I never thought I would 

To tell you we were under attack 
To save us in any way you could

You heard patiently as I told you all
About the gunshots, the noise, the mad scamper 

They are outside, but we are in the kitchen I said
My voice barely heard out of fear

You kept awake through the night
Calling us every few minutes to see how we were doing 

Be strong you kept telling us
I am praying for you, your voice gentle and loving 

Every time your number flashed on the phone 
I felt a surge of hope and relief
With every single word you spoke
I will live, I had belief 

Pray, chant, think of Gurudev* you said 
You will be out of there for sure
Your voice gave us unbelievable strength

 Even in those times, bringing us cheer 

You hugged me tight when we met thereafter 
You said, I can't imagine my life without you 
These words making my birth worthwhile
I live forever in gratitude to you


  1. So touching. so true. i can't stop tears after reading your words from the heart! We are all blessed to have Bhanu Didi and Guruji in our life. Jai Guru Dev.

  2. Tears of gratitude from the first verse itself! Jai Guru Dev!

  3. Straight from the heart. Mani Bhaiya said if the Bhajan doesn't bring a tear in listener, it hasn't served its purpose. Similarly soulful writing like this about divine bhanu didi alone can ensure tear for every word. You rock, I rock and we all rock because of rock solid support of Didi & Gurudev

  4. Very beautiful Rajita.


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