The Flight of Life

I am flying back from Bhubhaneshwar to Mumbai. Every visit to Sri Sri University, makes leaving the campus that much more difficult. Its becoming more and more vibrant, buzzing and intellectually stimulating !

As I reflect on the joy and pride of being part of the team building this great institution, I gaze out of the window. The sky is clear as a crystal awash with the  white light of the bright full moon. Thousands of stars twinkling mischievously, cast a silver glow over the whole world!

And in a flash, a few thoughts race through the mind. This short flight has so many life learnings for us ! I take the liberty of sharing them with you !

1) A Big Perspective

Everything looks so tiny from the airplane window. Even the tallest building looks like a dot. So it is with life isn't it ? If we look at our life from a big perspective, even the biggest problem will be small-and it will pass too !

2) Taking a break

On a flight, someone takes a nap, someone reads a book, some sit quietly,some chat. Basically its a little time off. Some rest and relaxation.  We need that in life too. A break from time to time. Some relaxation and rejuvenation to spring back in action. Are you taking your breaks?

3) Acceptance

On a flight,we can't choose much. The food menu is pre decided , we can't choose our co passengers. They may not be to the best of our liking, but the moment we accept the situation, our mind settles down. Have you experienced this ? Its like that with life too. Not everything that happens may be what we wanted or expected. So what ? Let's accept and move on. Like the flight gets over, time will pass-good or bad.

4) Preparing for tough times

When there is turbulence on the flight, we wear the seat belt. We don't question why its happening or try to fight it. We just guard and protect ourselves from it. In life too, we may have to face turbulent times. We can guard ourselves with the seat belt of faith in the divine, sadhana, seva and satsang !

5)  Reaching the Goal

When you fly from one place to the other, you don't see the destination till you reach. But if you fly in the right direction and keep going, you will reach ! Similarly in life sometimes the goal may not be visible clearly, but its important to have a goal and keep going at it. We will reach it for sure !

I can see millions of the twinkling lights of Mumbai approaching closer. I have arrived at my destination.Time to get off and get going. Hope the flight of your life flies high and takes you to your desired destination !!!!


  1. Superb !! Beautiful observation ! We miss you to at SSU :)

  2. fantastic read, very simple yet thought provoking. Observations from real life.

  3. Thanks a lot Mehulster ! I miss being in SSU too !

  4. Lovely Rajita ji...:) Everytime I fly I gain some new insights too.. Thanks for penning down yours..

  5. Great way to look at things. Drawing so much from an otherwise mundane flight, and penning it so well. Thanks for the platter!

  6. Thanks Shirin, Glad, you are following my blog !

  7. Hi Rajitaji,
    Thanks. Its not these thoughts dont come to our mind, its just that you have capsulated so well, that it makes you sit back and think over.

    Thanks once again for this insight. ..



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