Your Life ,Our Inspiration !

Today is my dearest Bhanudidi's birthday ! Her presence has flooded the lives of hundreds of thousands of people with joy ,knowledge and peace ! For me, she is everything a mother,sister,friend and guide can be( and much more !).

Happy Happy Birthday didi!

Your Life,Our Inspiration!!!

Your thought, our joy
Your laughter, our life
Your look, our  goal
Your Life, Our Inspiration

Your resplendence, our fortune
Your celebration, our zeal
Your enthusiasm, our blessing
Your Life,Our Inspiration

Your compassion, our redemption
Your vision,our path
Your dispassion, our paradigm
Your Life,Our Inspiration

Your love, our salvation
Your devotion, our destination
Your peace, our silence
Your Life, Our Inspiration

Your voice,our meditation
Your knowledge,our liberation
Your spirit,our deliverance
Your Life,Our Inspiration


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