When love talks,hate drops !

Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji in Pakistan , " I am ready to hold talks with Taliban.I want to talk to them, understand them and give them my opinion. So we can definitely make a difference. We should try it again and again even if we have to try it 100 times."

For some, these may be newspaper headlines for the day.For H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji, who is on a 3 day peace visit to Pakistan, this is His life's mission.For the past three decades ,He has tirelessly and patiently traveled the world, to spread this message of love and peace.He has always said that no person is bad. It is the stress in him, some unwanted tendencies, that make him do bad things.

Only someone who is a true embodiment of love can say this , and only when someone like Him says this,can real transformation happen.

In my past 15 fortunate years of association with Sri Sri's humanitarian work, I have personally seen such amazing transformations happen.

From prison inmates in South Africa, to the Maoists in India , from drug traffickers in Europe to notorious criminals of Kenya- it is almost unbelievable to hear the stories of transformation.
Six and a half feet tall ,hurly burly,heavily tattooed ,dressed in black leather overalls, hard core gangsters melt like soft wax in the love and presence of this petite, five foot four man ,in white robes, laying down their arms almost effortlessly !

Sri Sri's love and simple ,yet profoundly effective ,breathing techniques have helped these men and women (yes!) find their true selves and turn a new leaf in life.What's even more inspiring is the mind-blowing courage and grit of the Art of Living teachers who have dedicated their lives to reach this knowledge to the most dangerous prisons , inaccessible hideouts, remote tribal areas, even conflict ridden zones.

Every story they tell is uniquely memorable. Their acts of courage leading to hair raising excitement and the heart wrenching recounting of their "subjects" almost bringing a tear to one's eye.

"Behind every culprit there is a victim crying for help," says Sri Sri. He and his team of teachers have committed their lives to healing 'this' victim in every culprit .

What else can explain some of these acts of extraordinary heroism ,
- a young lady Art of Living teacher from India, teaching stress relieving breathing techniques to the killers of her husband !
- a dynamic H.R professional giving up his jet setting career, to trudge the most dense forests of eastern India for weeks on end, to teach the Art of Living course to dreaded extremists
- a happy go lucky young AOL teacher from Canada, going into the dangerous prisons of Kenya to reach Sri Sri's knowledge
-a mother of two, setting up a small scale handicraft unit to give employment to reformed prison inmates ,so they can get easily integrated into society

These stories of selfless service are countless, and so are the stories of transformation.So when Sri Sri says He is willing to hold talks with the Taliban, I know that this is a harbinger of a new ray of optimism for the world. A new hope of peace and non violence.

Me ? I will be my own hero, if I can replace hate with love in my world around me.And You?



  1. Well written Rajita! Thank you for this wonderful blog. May everyone in this world replace hate with love just like you do. In my world I WILL!

  2. Yes, I'll be more vigilant to replace hate or any other negative emotion for that matter, with love, hope & encouragement within myself & others.

  3. Your blogs are inspiring! Rajita ji!
    Love you!


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