Relationships, Like Airports !

We are at my favorite airport after many months. Changi, Singapore
I love everything about this airport. Pretty much everything. Just as the airplane door opens, the nice,clean smell of this most well maintained airport immediately fills you up. As you walk out, the well planned signages, travellators,the efficient staff, gently glide you into the main airport.Then of course , Alice in Wonderland would have had it easier than us exploring this massive edifice that only dreams can be made of.

As we make ourselves comfortable in the lounge, the tiredness of the long flight is setting in and sleep is gently taking over.I can rest easy, as I am traveling with Ajay. I have been so used to traveling alone since my working days, that traveling with someone especially him, is a real treat. He takes care of everything, I don't need to worry about anything, Even now he is smilingly bringing me a cup of my favorite Earl Grey tea before settling in the chair in front of me with his newspaper. As I glance at my hot cup of tea, this most amazing thought crosses me - that relationships , are like airports ! Or if they are not , they should be !

Let me tell you why I feel so !

1) At airports , we follow rules. No liquid gels in handbag means no liquid gels. Excess baggage means excess payment. Questions asked by immigration officer to be politely and truthfully answered - attitude won't do ! Report 45 minutes before take off else miss your plane !
May be its a good idea to have some of this strictness in a relationship also, where you conform to your own norms. If you made some rules between yourselves as a husband-wife or parent-children or colleagues or friends, its a good idea to just stick to them. I remember , as children we had a rule in our family that everyone chipped in to do some household chores.
Mom made them and we followed. Good thing we did, coz i learnt being responsible from a very young age and mom got some free time for rest !

2) Airports have space. Most of them . Every time I am at a airport, I somehow feel a sense of expansion ! The vast spaces make me feel vast. Also in a relationship, space is good ! It can help us appreciate and value each other more.

3) You have a variety of choices of what you can do at the airport. You can shop, relax, walk, have some snacks and drinks etc. At airports where there is enough to do, even long transit times seem to pass by in a jiffy ! We can do our own thing and meet back when its time to fly. Similarly, I feel that in a relationship , if each person has the passion to pursue his or her interests and dreams and converge together ,it will make the association so much more rich, interesting and long lasting.

4) You may be doing your thing, but everything in a airport is being directed. At airports, everything is preplanned and navigated. Someone has planned and organized the movements scientifically and neatly . You just have to follow the signs . Isn't this so in life also ? We are all playing a part in one big divine grand design ! Being aware of this can help us recognise that each of us are playing a unique and distinct role in this universe and are being guided along our path !

5) Even if flights are delayed , sometimes by hours, they definitely do land and take off. So also in life, its important to have the conviction that though there may be delays, good will come our way.Have you seen the sights at arrival counters, where dear ones arrive ,especially after long delays ? There are smiles and hugs and tears of joy ! The longer the wait, the sweeter the fruit of our action !

6) At an airport.everyone has a destination. There is movement. People are coming from somewhere, going somewhere. Everyone is on the move.That is where the amazing energy , the buzz is derived from ! Likewise in life, in a relationship if we have a destination, it gives us higher goal for living. A sense of purpose to life.

I believe, it is only spirituality that can give us this higher goal, the faith and conviction that we are being taken care of and a sense of appreciation for the humanity around us. When each person in a relationship come from a space of contribution and caring, it can only blossom and be an asset to society. I feel grateful that spirituality has given my life and relationships ,smooth take offs and landings ! For now , our flight is announced , so see you in a bit.


  1. seema puneet oberoiMarch 19, 2012 at 8:30 PM

    i m speechless di...
    C u real soon.....

  2. Never looked at airports in this way. Amazing perspective . A point that i may add, airports are like life itself cant stay forever ..finally after your transit is over ... you have to leave so as much as we love our airports we know that soon our boarding call will come - Shantanu

  3. hope the 'fight' resolved before you landed!
    just teasing abt last line... lovely article and perspective... kudos!!!

  4. gorgeous. i have always been in awe of u... with reason. i am going to marinate in ur blog:)
    priya mani

  5. This is so so true....I love airports too....the connect with relationships is amazing....

  6. Airports are great to be at especially the arrivals lounge! Congratulations on a Gorgeous blog! An interesting analogy! Love you! Jyo

  7. wow! you changed my perspective of airport. now airport also becomes my 'resting' ground before i take off.

  8. Nice perspective ����


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