My Life, a Miracle !

I have received such an overwhelming response from all of you around the world in these last 4 days since I started my blog. It is humbling to me that you have found time from your lives to read a few of my thoughts.Thank you very much.
I have been feeling a deep sense of wonder and gratitude today.
Wonder, on how effortless anything becomes once you make a firm resolve to do it &
Gratitude to my Master who has opened the floodgates to infinity for me. Infinite love, infinite joy, infinite peace, infinite knowledge ,infinite grace, infinite possibilities ….
He has made my life a miracle !

Few lines offered at His lotus feet

My life, a Miracle!

Even before You found me
I was in Your warm cocoon
You guided me step by step
You made my life a Miracle !

The very first day I saw You
I remember every detail
You saw me like You knew me
You made my life a Miracle!

Everything became so beautiful
I started loving myself
I knew my world had changed
You made my life a Miracle!

I did things I never could
I said things I never knew
You transformed me beyond words
You made my life a Miracle!

You granted my smallest wish
You blessed my every prayer
You answered every call of my heart
You made my life a Miracle!

Your grace, Your love
Shapes every event and word
For the very breath I take
You make my life a Miracle!


p.s- am traveling for the next week, so please bear with fewer posts !


  1. seema puneet oberoiMarch 15, 2012 at 4:31 AM

    jai guru dev....
    awtng u here in Singapore...

  2. Your poem echoes every devotee's heart. I can't find any adjectives to describe how beautiful it is!

  3. Comes neat out of due exuberance of emotions.

  4. I have tears on my cheeks, thank you for the grace and purity of your words Jai Gurudev


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