Make Your Life Matter

After a long time I watched a movie in a theater today. The Iron Lady.
It could have been just a nice evening out with popcorn and cola,but turned out to be a
super charged lesson on leadership , inspiration ,courage and a will to serve your nation.
"I want to live a life that matters" , says the Oscar winning Meryl Streep playing Margaret Thatcher with amazing élan." I don't want to die washing a teacup!".

These two dialogues are ringing in my ears since the past few hours .
They embody a message for all of humanity, most especially the women of the world .
They carry in them the underlying fact that every woman, each one of us , is capable of making a difference -of thinking, being ,doing, so much more than we may credit ourselves.

It only needs us to have a big vision, to rise above the ordinary and to have the conviction that we matter.
It only needs us to believe that life is not to be wasted in whining or being submerged in mediocrity
It only needs us to know that we have it within us to forge ahead, to overcome tough challenges, to JUST DO

I am proud I just DID. I have been postponing writing my blog for so many years now. The first thing I did on returning from the movie is started this blog.

It doesn't matter how much we matter, what matters is that we can & do matter !


  1. Just Love it Di !!

    Continue the Good work . I m sure you have been and will continue to inspire many of us in times to come.

    Love and Regards

  2. Thank you for the wonderful blogs Rajita! I look forward to reading them! Thank you for taking the time to do this and inspire everyone!



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