Two weeks ago, we completed Level 2 of the TLEX ( Transformational Leadership for Excellence ) workshop for a group of 24 senior leaders of a leading company in India. The workshop itself was a big success. Leaders who work day and night with numbers and strategies, got a unique experience to work on their own mind ! By being silent and reflective , they found a new voice of leadership. In just 3 days , they felt healthier in the body, calmer in the mind,
restful yet ready for dynamic action. Creativity flowed as "belongingness" in the team increased. Everyone came from different directions when the workshop started.When it ended, all were headed in one direction- towards a renewed promise of success.

The Managing Director of the company was sharing with me today, that all of them thanked him profusely for this workshop . He in turn was thanking me for bringing this amazing and precious knowledge of Gurudev H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji to his team. He said, "I don't know how to express my gratitude to you. You and Cristoph ( my friend and co trainer for this workshop) are such a inspiration. You care so much for us, that we could experience the love and caring amongst us!"

Its always nice to hear someone appreciating you and your work, so I felt great, but it also set me thinking.

It is true indeed that each of us is an inspiration for someone in the world. Gurudev says that like motherhood & fatherhood, we should celebrate Guruhood. We being a Guru, a guide, a person to be looked up to , for at least one person in the world.

In a sense, this is quite simple to be. What is not ,is how many of us are aware of this role of ours in others lives. Whether its our friends, professional colleagues, people we meet in daily interactions ( security guards, grocery store sales staff, laundry man etc) or even family, what is the impact we have on their lives? How does, what we say & do affect them? Consciously or otherwise, we are influencing so many lives around us. Just the mere recognition of this fact even for a spilt second, can propel us to a higher sense of living. Where life ceases to be about what I want and starts being about what I can contribute.From here the virtuous cycle of life begins - you do a tiny little for someone and the universe floods back your life with more good than you can ever imagine.

I request you to go ahead and try this. Be a Guru to one person a day and see what it does to your life ! Congratulations on your new found Guruhood !


  1. Mindblowing article Rajitha.Phew "Where life ceases to be about what I want and starts being about what I can contribute"

  2. Congratulations on a well written blog!
    Love you! Jyo

  3. I am so glad to have read this. It came to me at the RIGHT time.. Found the link of your blog, thanks for sharing. Lots of love,

    Akshay Dedhia


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